Big Issue feature on the Emerge festival – among | bright | lights & Collage Arts

The Big Issue and arts heritage charity Culture 24 have partnered up with Collage Arts on a new groundbreaking creative arts festival EMERGE that is showcasing young emerging artists, bands, poets and performers across 50 iconic places in London over one weekend in September. We are delighted to have been featured in one of the recent issues alongside one of our up-and-coming artists among | bright | lights.

“A number of musical acts that have spun out of Collage Arts will be performing at Emerge festival, opening up their creativity to a wider audience and helping nurture talent from backgrounds that wouldn’t traditional be given the same opportunities as artists from more affluent backgrounds. We are championing them.

One of those artists is among | bright | lights. They’re an electronica duo, comprised of Robert Kalintas and Jaden Stone, both of whom are involved with creative courses with Collage Arts.

Their distinctive sound is rooted in bedroom electronics blended with elements of hip-hop, ambient, post-rock and pop. Influenced by misunderstood and misrepresented issues affecting their generation. among | bright | lights engage with observations of drug abuse and addiction, mental illness and contemporary social issues affecting Britain today.

They are the epitome of why The Big Issue invests in a project like Collage Arts; empowering the next generation to be changemakers, equipping them with tools they wouldn’t normally get. Through courses at Collage Arts, Robert and Jaden have been able to develop their creative skills in animation, videography, music performance, and other visual arts.” 

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Collage Arts youth programme aka ‘Creating Something for Young Londoners’ is supported by JPMorganChase Foundation and over the next year, in partnership with Bauer Media Academy we are supporting 200 young people to fulfil their creative aspirations, build industry skills and know-how, and progress into sustainable careers.