Autumn Hues – N22 Open Studios Autumn Art Market

For the second year running we are missing our showcase event, the N22 Open Studios. This is an important event where we are able to take stock of the creativity and diversity of the tenants in Collage Artspaces.

Autumn Hues brings together work by around 10% of the artists. As we looked at the work submitted there was a strong seasonal feel to the work. I felt the colour palette reflected the changing colours of Autumn.

For many people the last 24 months has been very tough.  This includes many artists who have seen their usual outlets closed and their incomes impacted. Our artists were lucky in two ways.  First, Collage Arts kept the studios open throughout the pandemic – which has allowed the artists to make this work.  Second, business support from Haringey Council meant that most artists could pay their rent, even when their incomes were hit.  This is vital.  It means that we keep together a group of over 150 artists and businesses that have a massive impact on the local area.

We have tried to find work which is affordable.  Unlike our usual exhibitions, if there is work you want to purchase you can purchase it and take it away.  You may decide you want to see more or read the artists statements.  You will find these on .

Please enquire at the bar if you would like to purchase any of the work.

Richard Peacock

Autumn Hues Artists:

Caroline Banks

Emil Dacanay

Esther Sample

Liz Collini

Lucille Dweck

Lydia Gallais

Marianne Fox-Okinga

Meera Palia

Non Worrall

Penny Elder

Richard Peacock

Stephen Garvey

Yana Stajno

Hilary Kidd

Liz Sutherland

Lindsay Simons

Lea Yehud

Harma Op’t Holt

Enjoy the exhibition. Together We Create Wood Green.

Meera Palia