Winners announced from Community Artists competition

The Community Artists Competition invited local artists to submit work that focused on social, environmental and community themes imagining a better, greener, fairer future in Haringey and Enfield.  Conceived by the Enfield and Haringey Green Parties, with an exhibition of submissions hosted by Collage Arts at Karamel – vegan restaurant, gallery and venue in Wood Green, the winners were announced at a prize-giving ceremony last Saturday.  The judging panel consisted of local artists and celebrities: James Lloyd, Tiernan Douieb, Sharon Small and Karen Whiteread.   It proved to be a phenomenal evening with a great audience from the local community, artists and social activists.

The competition winners are:

First Prize of £1,000 awarded to Rosie Chomet (from the Under 25s category)
“When I was creating my piece, I envisaged how the community of Haringey and Enfield could be transformed with a greener environment. As an illustrator and graphic designer, I am practiced in applying myself to different briefs and creating artwork to communicate a message. When I read the brief for the Green Party competition, I felt compelled to enter, since it addressed issues I feel passionate about. After reading through the brief, I spent several days researching, sketching and experimenting before deciding on my final piece, which I created using mixed media and Photoshop. It depicts people enjoying life outside, such as picnicking and walking their dog, and doing environmentally-friendly activities such as planting trees and cycling. I think this competition will have got many people thinking about issues and solutions to pollution in the city. “



Second Prize of £500 awarded to Ruma Nowaz

“It’s been an excellent event and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in the competition.  I’m delighted to have been recognised for a prize.  Thank you to the judges and all the organisers, Collage Arts and the local Green Parties.  I’ve met other artists and local people through this process and shared ideas about our visions for the future.  

My piece depicts Alexandra Palace viewed from the lake and also known as the ‘People’s Palace’.  It’s an important symbol for Haringey and lovely public space.  To create this piece, I spent much of my time there, morning, noon and dusk, doing sketches and creating initial ideas.  To have won a prize has been extremely fulfilling and I look forward to participating in more opportunities for local artists.  It would be wonderful if this turned into an annual event building awareness of social and environmental issues for the whole community”



Third Prize of £250 awarded to Vaughan Melzer

“The brief for this community arts competition was challenging, which is why I ignored it when I was first notified. But under Manoj’s persuasive pressure I put my mind to the task. A complex question required a complex answer. None of my old work suited and, once committed, I wanted a bespoke piece, which combined Haringey and Greenology.  A formidable deadline also motivated me, even while sending me into anguish, frustration and gloom as things went wrong. Douglas (my husband) was more relieved than I was when I had finished it!

I wasn’t sure how well the montage worked but I felt confident that it was an interesting piece and, I had hoped, thought provoking. On the night, Lucy Craig commented on the rarity of an arts event in which the political element was as significant as the art. Much of my art has a political basis and I was enormously gratified when a stranger came to talk to me about how my work and words had made her aware of the positive feelings many of us residents have for our council estates, and how social housing can feel safe, happy places to live, and a very far cry from the ugly images our government of today conjures up in order to justify their pernicious housing policies.

My feeling is that the brief is and should be just a beginning of a more extended project.”


Under 25s prizes


Jordan WilliamsonUnder 25s Winner
‘It feels great to have won the under 25’s prize, this is the first time I have ever won anything for a piece of art work I created.  I took my inspiration for my piece titled ‘Hope’ from a homeless person who I see every day outside Morrison’s supermarket”




Jess Fisher Highly Commended
‘I was totally delighted to find I had won something in the competition! I love to paint and draw in my spare time and had no idea it could eventually result in genuinely hard-earned winnings! Would definitely love to see an Archway Hill that’s easier for cyclists…’





Isha GuptaYoungest Participant (Age 6)

“Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to Gordon and Lucy, without who this competition would not have gone ahead.” 





To see the winning pieces along with all the other submissions, visit the exhibition ‘Improving the Environment’ on display in Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ until 20th May.

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