All change at Wood Green

Last week, artists, creative companies, young people and apprentices, colleagues and local residents attended a meeting at the Chocolate Factory in regards to the new development plans for Wood Green and the Cultural Quarter.

Two local authority officers attended and were greeted with many questions regarding the future of Wood Green’s Cultural Quarter and how redevelopment will impact artists and local residents. The two officers discussed the plans for rebuilding housing at Wood Green’s mall, as well as the demolition of housing at Caxton Road, Mayes Road and the surrounding area in order to develop a walkway with a view and green spaces.

Even from the Chocolate Factory itself, it’s clearly evident that the Council has started following through with improvement plans in the area.  Within the last few months, we’ve watched two large gas-holders that sat on the edge of Chocolate Factories slowly be demolished in order to pave the way for new residential housing, commercially private properties and new buildings reserved for shopping and infrastructure.

The Wood Green plan is quite large, and a bid to save the local economy, however many questions still remain, including what will happen to the residents, and shop owners and finally what will happen when the inevitable gentrification strikes?  Will impending rent hikes affect local artists and will they be able to continue their work?  These are questions we must all ask – and are encouraged to.  It is a civic duty to participate in local democracy, especially when the fates of so many reside amongst our questions and perhaps, opposition.

Please follow the links below to read about the plans and submit your comments by 31st March 2017.

The Council Wood Green Area Action Plan (AAP) with all the information about ways to comment and review the AAP:

The Wood Green Commonplace website – the online consultation site being used to gather views on the AAP: