Affordable Indian Art Fair

AFFORDABLE INDIAN ART FAIR and Collage Arts are proud to present original art from India which has been selected for being cutting edge and affordable. The eight artists represented are all well-established in their home country and have been selected from a vast array of hopefuls who are looking to move onto the international arena. These artists have proven themselves through the multiple exhibitions and awards which they have collectively accumulated. The venue of the Karamel in North London offers a platform where they can continue to build their careers and experience international exposure needed to continue to evolve their works further.

The founder of Radha Binod Sharma has worked tirelessly to identify the best of Indian talent to showcase in London. As an established artist and curator he has been able to connect with a wide range of the artists sourcing work directly from them. As a collective the artists represent the new dawn of art within India which is expressed in a dynamic way and captures both past tradition combined with modern innovation. Indian art has started to emerge with a new found confidence in a manner which allows a distinctive palette to be represented through the colours, forms and structures within the variety of works.

Manoj Ambasna the Director of Collage Arts has been a committed and passionate supporter of Indian art.  This particular exhibition will be in the Karamel and will run from 13th July to 28th of August 2015, from 11am – 6 pm daily excluding Sunday.

The opening event will be on the evening of 14th July 2015 at 7pm to 10 pm.

Please RSVP to [email protected]  or  [email protected]

The IMA Foundation in conjunction with Collage Arts presents Eight Artists:
Amritam Das, Biman Das, Nabibakhsh Mansoori, Pradip Das, Praveen Naik, Shilpa Nasnolkar, Sanatan Saha, Shailesh Patel.

Venue Address:
Chocolate Factory 2
4 Coburg Rd
N22 6XJ