A Tribute to the Legendary Gil Scott-Heron

A Tribute to the Legendary Gil Scott-Heron – with Bruce Mississippi Johnson and his band, was the closing performance for the EFG London Jazz Festival 2021 at Karamel N22.  This marked the completion of 9 gigs,  mostly to sold out houses. 

Bruce Johnson says: “I was so excited about this gig because it took me back to my first real time on a professional stage back in the motherland. Revisiting these songs with 40 years of life experiences and a deeper understanding of what his music means to me makes it all the sweeter!”

Thank you, Bruce, for a spectacular closing performance. We had such a wonderful EFG London Jazz Festival this year. All the better for returning to live, in-person gigs. You can check out our music event listings here. We host a Jazz event every Thursday night at Karamel Vegan Restaurant. Bring your kids, bring your dogs and join us for a thali and a glass of wine!