30 years of Collage Arts: A journey – exhibition


For three decades, Collage Arts, or Haringey Arts Council as it initially started life, has been integral to the fabric of Haringey, and the arts community at large, helping to shine a light on the breath-taking diversity of the borough, and providing a space for all kinds of creative pursuits. From fledgling businesses, to future pop superstars and master craftspeople, Collage Arts has always been an important force for fostering creative development, wherever and however possible.




It wasn’t always an easy journey, as these kinds rarely are, and there have been pitfalls in the form of funding cuts and bureaucratic hurdles over the years, but the mission to ‘Connect and Develop Creative Communities’ has never wavered, and those connections now span further than ever. As a key partner in dozens of European projects, Collage Arts has been able to influence and be inspired by major improvements in not-for-profit sectors across the continent, and help similarly minded organisations build and operate, with the chocolate factory model gathering steam EU wide.

Since 1995, helping to regenerate the Chocolate Factory Buildings, and eventually finding a home there, Collage Arts has seen hundreds of artistic practitioners come and go, and an unfathomable number of styles, techniques and truly beautiful artworks. Those displayed here present just a small selection that the organisation has accrued over thirty illustrious years, with some even pulled from the annals of our archives, presented as an invitation to join us for whatever else may be in store, to celebrate the journey and wherever it might take us.

The exhibition ’30 years of Collage Arts… A Journey’ is on display at Karamel, Chocolate Factory 2, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ from 20th July to 18th September 2015. Open Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm. Free entry.

Artists whose works are exhibited:

Rosie Chomet

Liz Dawson

– Mark Entwisle or https://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_entwisle

Jennifer Godlieb

– R. Hallider

– Lara Harwood or http://www.laraharwood.co.uk

– Wendy Hodge

Niranjan Kamatkar

– Johanna Karznir

Graeme Messer

Delfin Ortiz

– Jan Williamson


Collage Arts also reminds you that on Saturday 5th of September, at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, a free event will take place – Taking Part! Arts Festival.  Check out the event and join in!