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Interrupting hate


Young people counteracting hate speech towards migrants and minorities through participatory and creative campaigning.

HIT is an equalities project set up to develop Hate Interrupter Teams with creative young people and build awareness of digital hate crime and provide strategies for support. Funded by EU Justice and Fundamental Rights programme until December 2020.

The project has been developing a new model of European youth empowerment to tackle racism, xenophobia, and discrimination aimed at migrants.

The #HITproject aims are to build ‘Hate Interrupter Teams’ of young people from 14 to 19 years old, that counteract hate speech or behaviour towards migrants (HSBM) in their communities, at school or among their peers.

The young members of the Hate Interrupter Teams have been trained through participatory and inclusive arts-based practices, facilitated by young mentors, workers, and practitioners.

The project started on 1st October 2018 and it brings together nine international partners from different countries: HFC Hope For Children CRC Policy Center (Cyprus – Leading Partner), Collage Arts (UK), Rinova  (UK),  Associazione Culturale Mulab (Italy), Associacio Per A La Creacio I Estudis De Projectes Socials C.E.P.S. (Spain), “The Smile of the Child” (Greece),  Frederick University (Cyprus), Metropolisnet -European Metropolis Employment Network (Germany) and Gender Alternatives Foundation (Bulgaria).

At Collage Arts, the HIT approach has informed our new projects, Voices against Hate, which started in Autumn 2020.

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