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Collage Arts serves young people in a variety of ways…

For the last 25 years, Collage Arts has been leading and delivering London-wide tailored training programmes for young people. We work to help provide young people with sustainable pathways into training, employment and enterprise opportunities.

Collage Works is committed to providing better futures for young people aged 16 to 30. It helps young people access their chosen careers in the creative industries.

Collage Arts has over 25 years experience as a training provider. Our programmes are co-designed by industry professionals with, by and for young adults. Our trainees are creative individuals with inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds. Collage Works provides bespoke opportunities in different aspects of the creative industry from film production to graphic design. Our approach also involves using creative arts and media projects to build transferable skills and work-related soft skills.



‘South London comes to North London’ – Chocolate Factory 2 installation – part of the project led by Karen Whiteread with a group of school-children from South London who participated in and created the installation for ‘Inside-out’ global initiative.

Working with the economically inactive

Collage Works – Creative sector skills training which aims to support people into the creative careers they aspire towards. Focusing on young people aged 18 to 30 in London providing courses in: film, set design, digital media, marketing and more.  Designed to lead to positive productive careers.  If you are interested in Collage Works, or need more information, please contact Jason on 07913 112 481 or by email to

Collage Works also runs a National Lottery Heritage Fund project called They Came Before Us looking at the role that women of colour have played throughout London’s history.

Collage Arts runs a programme called Create Your Future. This is a personal development project that aims to build better opportunities for women of all ages from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) communities living in Haringey and Enfield. If you are interested in Create Your Future, or need more information, please contact Susan (email or Lauren (email


Collage Voices – performing arts, music, vocals, digital tech and more

Collage Voices – a new venture launched in October 2018 – aims to support young people’s creativity in areas of performing, music technology, film production and writing and production skills. Collage Voices is about giving young people aged 8 to 18 year olds access to the skills and resources they need to have a voice…

Between September and January 2019, the Collage Voices team carried out consultations and taster sessions. Collage Voices started its weekend arts programme in January 2019 from McQueens Theatre at Collage Artspace 1 in Coburg Road N22.

Get your child(ren) involved in Collage Voices by emailing  Or you can contact Lauren/Kojo on 0800 0072 970.

Collage Voices includes:

HIT project – developing Hate Interrupter Teams of 14 to 19 year olds to support young people & minorities  affected by hate speech/behaviour through innovative and creative campaigning. #HITproject

Writing Club for Kids (for 8-12 year olds) – Full of fun, easy to follow steps that will help you find fantastic ways to discover where poems and stories come from and how to capture them. Each week a new skill and style is explored. If you like the idea of writing about anything from belly buttons to swimming with dolphins, come along! WARNING contains laughter – also it will occasionally rhyme – but not all the time! Contact for more info.

Working in partnership with the education sector

Cranford Community College in Hounslow has been working with Collage Arts since 2011. The students have been identified as potential NEET students (heading for not education, employment or training). They are studying some core GCSE subjects alongside bespoke courses in line with their learning needs.

Collage Arts contribution to their learning and development has made a significant difference. Jessica Joyce, former Assistant Headteacher at Cranford Community College in Hounslow, explains:

There is a marked and visible change in the group dynamic and their ability to interact and support each other. Every student has grown in maturity showing  developing skills in communication, problem solving interpersonal skills and self-confidence. The relationship between the students and the group leaders are built on trust and respect nurtured through the activities they have undertaken, often in a non-traditional format but always with a focus on learning. These activities have included; visual and performing arts, film and music projects and various individual self-awareness projects.

There is no doubt that the students enjoy being in this environment, the opportunities they have been given and the different challenges they have had to undertake, all of which have helped to prepare them for their lives now and for the future.