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Working for Young People

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Opportunities for young people…

Collage Kids is a monthly pay what-you-can theatre show for pre-school children. [resuming in February 2021] 

Collage Voices gives young people aged 8 to 16 years and 16 plus, access to the skills and resources they need to have a voice… 


Every Saturday there are age appropriate sessions that support around 100 young people’s creativity in areas of drama; song writing, singing and music technology; and writing. We aim to be fully inclusive and meet access and support needs of all young people, whilst striving for artistic excellence. We have a team of pastoral care specialists designed to help young people to get the most out of their time with us.  

Unlike other similar provision Collage Voices genuinely puts the young people in the driving seat – our team work to facilitate the ideas of the young people taking part and teach them the skills they need to realise their vision.


‘South London comes to North London’ – Chocolate Factory 2 installation – part of the project led by Karen Whiteread with a group of school-children from South London who participated in and created the installation for ‘Inside-out’ global initiative.


In late 2020 we launched our 16 plus provision. This is an ensemble company which will develop new pieces of work responding to the range of issue that impact on their lives.

The sessions are £2 a week for a 90-minute session [financial support is available to families that need it, whilst many families make additional voluntary contributions] Collage Voices is held in McQueens Theatre adjacent to Karamel in Coburg Road N22.

Contact Collage Voices by emailing or leave an ansaphone message for the team on 0800 0072 970.


Collage Voices Schools Partnerships

Collage Arts wants to impact on the lives of as many young people as possible. This is helped by our unique partnership approach to working with schools in Haringey.  We are now in partnership with 7 secondary schools – and we are working to extend our support to young people in care and in the virtual school. From 2020 we are also piloting work in local junior schools.

We work in two ways. We support the schools to drive up their achievement by bringing creative practitioners into the schools to enliven the curriculum. In selecting projects for school partnership work we seek to ensure that no young person is left behind.

We also approach schools with special project. During the lockdown we worked with St Thomas More Catholic School to rehearse and deliver a new play. The play was by John Britain and it explored what was going on Up in Your Head.

In 2020 and 2021 we are undertaking a special project which is exploring the idea of on-line hate speech. Hate speech can blight the lives of young people and they are acutely aware of the power that this behaviour has on individuals and groups who are bullied in this way. We will be working with seven schools to produce work which is a creative response to hate speech. It may be looking at the impact of this behaviour; it may undermine hate speech by promoting cultural diversity.

Over the course of the young people participating in Voices Against Hate will produce around 20 songs, sketches and visual art responses to hate speech. These will be part of a tool kit used to tackle hate speech as it occurs.

This project builds on the HIT project supported by EU Rights, Equalities and Citizenship programme. This introduced the idea of training Hate Interrupter Teams of 14 to 19 year olds to support young people & minorities affected by hate speech/behaviour through innovative and creative campaigning. #HITproject

For the last 25 years, Collage Arts has been leading and delivering London-wide tailored training programmes for young people. We work to help provide young people with sustainable pathways into training, employment and enterprise opportunities.

Collage Works is committed to providing better futures for young people aged 18 to 30. We help young people access their chosen careers in the creative industries.

Collage Arts has over 25 years experience as a training provider. Our programmes are co-designed by industry professionals with, by and for young adults.

Our trainees are creative individuals with inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds. Collage Works provides bespoke opportunities in different aspects of the creative industry from film production to graphic design. Our approach also involves using creative arts and media projects to build transferable skills and work-related soft skills.

Collage Works creative project

In 2019 Collage Works curated a new exhibition called You can’t be what you can’t see. This exhibition looked at the significant roles that women of colour have played throughout London and the UK’s history which resulted in an immersive exhibition devised by 50 young Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women aged under 30.

If you are interested in Collage Works, or need more information, please contact the team on 07913 112 481 or by email via