Collage Arts

World @ Karamel

22nd March 2017


International artist Surma gives the rare opportunity for a taste of her upcoming debut album at Time Out award winning venue Karamel in Wood Green next month. The young multi-instrumentalist combines her guitar and bass hooks with an unusual mix of different electronic sounds via the help of loop pedals. The result is wonderful music somewhere between pop, jazz and ambient. Her beautifully fragile voice is at the very centre of her first single “Maasai”.

Appearing at some of the most important Portugese festivals and touring throughout Europe, this is a one of a kind chance to catch Surma on her UK tour for 2017 and definitely not one to miss.

Supporting Surma is Marcelo Graf Reis aka Wustha, an equally talented artist, deeply inspired in the 80’s disco/futuristic culture mixed with VHS Lo-Fi visuals.

woman with glasses, beanie hat and blonde hair

Picture of artist: SURMA


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