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Women in Jazz Music Festival

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WinJazz is an international project to promote the growth and the mobility of young women jazz musicians in Europe. The project was created and directed by the Italian association, Mulab, in partnership with Collage Arts in the UK, Prostor Plus in Croatia, Fundacja Arteria in Poland, and  funded by the MIBACT – the Ministry of Culture in Italy.

The Women in Jazz festival took place at Karamel in London on: 17th, 18th and 19th November 2015.

The Italian musicians/bands performed over the first two days and on the last day collaborated at a festival jam with the Tori Freestone Trio, popular attendees at Karamel’s weekly Thursday Jazz nights.

More about the musicians below:



Silvia Bolognesi (double bass)  |  Angelo Olivieri (trumpet)

Silvia and Angelo meet each other in “Dialogue”, a creative space full of surprises. The duo form allows both musicians to perform with high interplay and tension, making emotions emerge either by sharing the same musical idea and by finding contrasts.   More about Dialogue


 Federica Zammarchi (voice)  |  Enrico Zanisi (piano)  |  Marco Siniscalco (electric bass)  |  Emanuele Smimmo (drums)  |  Elena Paparusso (Singer)

A ‘Power Jazz’ view on David Bowie’s music.  ‘David Bowie’s Music holds a very special place in my heart since I was very young, and this old love brought me to conceive a radical contamination between Rock and Jazz, a borderland upon which all my souls join together. A real “Jazz Oddity” ‘ – Federica Zammarchi.   More about Jazz Oddity



Cecilia Sanchietti (drums)  |  David Boato (trumpet and flugelhorn)  |  Davide Grottelli (tenor and soprano saxophones)  |  Gaia Possenti (piano)  |  Stefano Napoli (double bass)

The circle is a space to discover, debate, exchange, with no judgments or mistakes. Through interplay and jazz improvisation, the group proposes, encourages and includes the expression of each musician. Its core inspiration is an interaction of styles, in particular ethnic, jazz, afro music. It’s a journey. Musicians and composers enjoy playing with sounds, harmonies and rhythm, mixing them and never flowing into a specific one.   More about Circle Time


Milena Angele’ (tenor saxophone)  |  Edoardo Ravaglia (piano)  |  Riccardo Gola (double bass)  |  Fabio Sasso (drums)  |  Chiara Viola (singer)

A musical journey that includes collaboration with other artists, compositions, and tributes – taken beyond the musical language chosen to express and experiment. Dense and emotional, its thread is in expressive power of continuous transformation, human as well as musical.  More about Resiliency



Tori Freestone (reeds)  |  Dave Manington (bass)  |  Tim Giles (drums)

Tori Freestone is known for her robust tenor sound, melodic invention as well as an ability to amalgamate into a variety of styles and musical contexts while maintaining her highly personal and distinct voice. As a composer Freestone’s writing balances wit with playfulness while exploring new ways to blur the lines between the written and improvised.

          FESTIVAL JAM

Tori Freestone (reeds)  |  Milena Angele’ (tenor saxophone)  |  Cecilia Sanchietti (drums)  |  Federica Zammarchi (voice)


The project aimed to stimulate and promote the integration of women in a male-dominated sector as the jazz world still is in Italy and Europe. It also aimed to improve opportunities and creative sharing in different countries within the European Community, expanding on the best Jazz showcasing opportunities that each region offered. The project was made up of two parts – a national contest and an International Music Festival. The contest was open to young Italian women aged between 18 and 29 who were jazz musicians and composers. Selected by a panel of judges, four winners were given the opportunity to perform within the Festival.

The Women in Jazz International Music Festival took place in Rome (Italy), London (UK), Rijeka (Croatia) and Katowice (Poland) from 11th November to 5th December 2015.   The young Italian musicians performed with other ensembles, well-known in Italy and led by women, such as Monica Demuru (voice), Milena Angelè (saxophone), Silvia Bolognesi (double bass), Cecilia Sanchietti (drums) and Federica Zammarchi (voice). Godmother and special guest of the project in Italy was the pianist and composer of international fame, Rita Marcotulli.

The international partnership of WinJazz was led by Mulab (Italy) with Collage Arts (UK), Prostor Plus (Croatia) and Arteria (Poland). All organisations were founding partners of ECLN – the European Cultural Learning Network.