Collage Arts

The Lockdown Monologues

8 Stories revealing the genuine lived experiences and insights of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black lives matter movement.

This story is based on true events, but some of the names and places have been changed. “To know where you are coming from, to share this experience of where I have been, I can now tell the stories of the faces never seen.” MG. Performed by Donna Berlin.

Baina draws on her personal experiences of the impact of falling foul of the visa system. Performed by Suzette Llewellyn. 

This story is based on Leila Alkunshalie’s observations of working with young women in Haringey. Performed by Karta Kaur.

Welcome to a walk in the life of Adaeh, a story drawn from her personal experiences. Directed by Dawn Walton OBE.

Rosanna Machado goes on the record about music and the value of her long-time friends. Facilitated and directed by Martina Laird.

Martina Barnett recalls how she was shaken, not by her car crash, but, the behaviour of the police who came to the scene. Directed by Dawn Walton.

Lorna Farrant uses her regular lockdown walk as the starting point for her story… Facilitated and directed by Martina Laird

Drawing from her personal experiences, a writer who has chosen the pen name Champagne conjures two journeys. One on a London bus, the other as she achieves citizenship. Directed by Dawn Walton OBE.

Dawn Walton reflects on the Collage Arts Lockdown Monologues

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