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Shopfront Studios

Generation Uncovered and Collage Works Presents…

Shopfront Studios Showing Off Independent Music

Throughout July and August 2018 we hosted several evenings of amazing music, poetry and spoken word.

From the rhythmic Paradox and the wonderful Moak, the songs of snazzy Tazz, the talented Poems of Amelia Poamz. Tunay’s great beat, the talented Vividree, the wonderful Jade Leanna and the brilliant Brilla, all awe inspiring vocalists. The incredibly talented Harmoney Blues, Reece Jackson, Anusha and Harley Nixon. An array of inspiringly talented emerging young singers, rappers, songwriters & bands from Lance Prime, Jayde, MissRLee to Nina Alexis, hosted by Lamar Aaron. Shopfront took place at the Green Rooms, Wood Green N22 every Wednesday. It was free entry.