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Collage Arts has led a number of community based literary projects over the years.

Below are some of the publications that were produced as a result and which are for sale.


1. ‘Bleeding My Soul – New Writing from Women Doing Time 2’
Edited by Valerie Mason-John aka Queenie.

This is the second anthology of new writing coming from the women of HMP Holloway under the guidance of Writer in Residence, Valerie Mason-John. The writing is raw but amazing skilled for women who had mostly not written before. The issues dealt with contrast from heartrending and harsh to gentle hope. This is a rare insight into the minds and work of women who have lost their freedom and passport to the outside world.
Price: £4.50

2. ‘Emergency 999 – A Selection of New Writing and Photographs’
Edited by Paul Lyalls

This collection of writing came from an exciting project involving Haringey schools, community organisations and the Ambulance, Fire and Police Services. Using writing as a tool poets worked with all these groups to explore cross-generation and cross-cultural attitudes to and experiences of the Emergency Services.
‘It amazed me how many positive and unexpected experiences and heart-felt realisations all these people have, and it shed an awful lot of light on how far-reaching and vital the Emergency Services are to every corner of our community.’ Paul Lyalls.
Price: £4.00

3. ‘Celebrating Food’
Edited by Tim Turnbull

A collection of poetry, photographs and recipes to celebrate the diversity of Haringey’s culinary and creative culture. Poets Patience Agbabi, Paul Lyalls, Tim Turnbull and Katherine Gallagher worked across Haringey schools to produce this quirky but excellent collection. Such poems from a Year 7 student ‘The yoghurt that looked like Tony Blair’ are not to be missed.
Price: £4.00

4. ‘A Sense of Place’
Writing from Bruce Castle Museum and Central Library, Wood Green. Edited by Anne Rouse.

Taking two of Haringey’s key public building – sixteenth century manor house in Tottenham and the 1970s brick building of Central library, Wood Green, poet Anne Rouse developed her own short collection of work. She also provided workshops and writing activities for members of those local communities who also contributed to this beautifully produced collection.
Price: £2.50


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