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From January 2013 to November 2014, the project I:CUD (Internet: Creatively Unveiling Discrimination) was co-financed by the ‘DG Justice: Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Programme’ of the European Commission and sought to raise awareness and explore innovative ways of combating discrimination online, especially on social networking sites by paying attention to its hidden manifestations.

I:CUD was responding to an urgent need to carry out more research and projects about the phenomenon at EU level, as so far not enough had been done.

Led by CEPS in Barcelona, Spain and implemented with partners across five European countries: Collage Arts UK, PLS Belgium, CIES Italy, PACT Romania and URV Spain, the project aimed to provide a practical guide on how to unveil masked discriminatory practices: to show a way of becoming creative internet “prosumers”, who do not just passively “consume discriminatory content” but actively produce material counteracting such conduct.

Pilot sessions with young people across the five countries offered space to test the methodology and I:CUD results, such as an anti-discrimination-pack for training environments, and raised awareness as well as stimulating young people to become proactive online users; who detect, react, and act against discrimination online.



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