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Arising from the experience of Euro-Aspire, Collage Arts has been working with a number of partners, new and old, across the European Union to develop a more strategic approach to sharing know how and supporting trainers in the non – formal learning sector in the creative and cultural industries.

Collage Arts has been successful with a 3-year LLP project to build a European Network for Cultural Learning (ECLN), in which we will:

– Identify the current qualification routes across Europe that are relevant to the field of Cultural Learning;
– Review the occupational roles performed by Europe’s Cultural Learning Practitioners;
– Develop new professional qualifications for Cultural Learning professionals;
– Create a new web-based Observatory to share information, practice, research, and expertise across the sector;
– Establish a new European Association of Cultural Learning (EACL).

The Network project has 12 founding partners from 11 countries (together with a further 20 associate partners, bringing 3 additional countries) and includes:

Collage Arts, UK (lead) | Rinova, UK | Associazione Culturale Mulab, Italy | CEPS, Spain | VIA-UC, Denmark | New Arts,Netherlands | Dimitra, Greece | Kau Academy, Estonia | Fundacja Arteria, Poland | Association Prostor Plus, Croatia | MITRA, Slovenia | Hope for Children, Cyprus

Below are links to the ECLN Research Toolkit that was developed in June 2013 by the project and is being tested in each partner country.

Presentation slideshow (.ppsx) with guidance on using the Toolkit:


ECLN Charts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 5b, 6, 7a, 7b (.pdf)

ECLNChart1.v613 | ECLNChart2.v613 | ECLNChart3.v613 | ECLNChart4.v613 | ECLNChart5a.v613 | ECLNChart5b.v613 | ECLNChart6.v613 | ECLNChart7a.v613 | ECLNChart7b.v613

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This project is funded and supported by EU Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme