Collage Arts

Collage Youth Hub

This promo video created by young people from Collage Arts shows the uniqueness and range of the youth projects. In 2016, these included an immersive theatre production, digital storytelling for a Heritage project, creating promotional videos for large employers to raise awareness of career opportunities, running an Information Channel for jobless young people, as well as running festivals, markets and cafes.  Our projects have been designed by young people as an innovative approach to tackling youth unemployment.

For the last 25 years, we have been:

  •  connecting young people to opportunities, enterprise and employment
  •  nurturing talent and develop skills, building trust and confidence
  •  shaping productive careers and pathways to develop better opportunities

By working with young people, employers and organisations firmly grounded in the community, we help young people not only find work but navigate fulfilling and long lasting careers. We provide the skills, confidence, resilience, networks and give the sustained backing that young people might need as they set out to navigate fulfilling career pathways. By providing personalised one-to-one support to our young people , we believe it will help more of them achieve meaningful and sustainable jobs and opportunities and help those facing the biggest barriers to overcome them.

Visit for more info or contact the team on 020 8829 8984.