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2020 saw lots of changes in the way we work. It has resulted in a large increase in our digital output. There are hours of gigs, performances and talks here that give you an insight into the vibrant programmes within Collage Arts. We have been granted Lottery funds to create a pilot approach to sharing digital products like these. Follow our progress on our digital discovery blog or read more on ..Small Screen Big Ideas…


Gigs and cabaret from Collage Presents

Some of London’s brightest and most diverse performers showcase their talent including 11 Karamel Jazz sessions specially recorded for the 2020 EFG London Jazz Festival.



Zantogola a London based collective that mix traditional African-percussions and rhythms to create contemporary, reflective, joyous and highly danceable songs. [2020, 80 minutes]

Cosimo Keita Trio  a fusion of rare groove, original music and jazz standards with an emphasis on beautiful melodies and exciting rhythms. [2020, 60 minutes]

Jay Phelps Quartet original music taken from the latest music album ‘Live at the Cockpit’. [2020, 50 minutes]

Yaz Fentazi Duo  oud and upright bass give a magical sense of ‘travelling’ in one’s mind with rich colourful music that draws on the vast traditions of jazz, blues, classical and North African/Middle Eastern music. [2020, 50 minutes]

Philip Clouts Quartet inspired by the joyful passion of Caribbean calypso, the bluesy melodies of middle eastern praise songs, the exuberant sway of Cuban dance music and the tuneful essence of Gospel whilst honouring jazz heroes. [2020, 50 minutes]

Henry Lowther’s Still Waters one of the most accomplished and creative bands around in the uk. [2020, 65 minutes]

Mario Bakuna Band sophisticated harmonies in a remarkable performance that celebrates some of the greatest Brazilian composers. [2020, 50 minutes]

Tomorrow’s Warriors Mia Runham & Amy Gadiaga play the Lockdown Blues, a commission from Collage Arts supported by Arts Council England alongside other standards. [2020, 55 minutes]

Anoushka Lucas warm, witty and melodic fusion of jazz, soul and something little more theatrical. [2020, 70 minutes]

Pigfoot the horn-power of trumpeter Chris Batchelor, reeds player James Allsopp, the wacky grooving of drummer Paul Clarvis and increasingly electronic keyboard sound of Liam Noble. [2020, 50 minutes]

Ubunye vibrant six piece (usually seven piece) Afro Jazz/dance band based in the UK, featuring three vocalists from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa and a three piece rhythm section. [2020, 65 minutes]


Revolution • eclectic Christmas fund-raising cabaret featuring jazz, soul, poetry and a seasonal Dicken’s reading. Cast includes: Sheila Atim, Alison Ava Brown, Simeon Hammond Dallas, Arthur Darvill, Ines Declercq, Ruth Gibson, Phillip Harper, Ela Kalicka, Martina Laird, Anoushka Lucas, Nadia Ruth, Lily Taylor, Mao Yamada,  and Che Walker.  All artists donated their time to help raise funds for Collage Voices. [2020, 60 minutes]


Spoken word / drama from Collage Community

We encouraged women to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter had impacted on their lives. Several women chose to write under pen names, and have their words spoken by actors, others tell their own stories. This is part of the work to give a platform to under-represented voices. 

+lockdown monologues : videos

Runway of life • Based on true events, but some of the names and places have been changed. “To know where you are coming from, to share this experience of where I have been, I can now tell the stories of the faces never seen.”  Written by Maxine Griffiths, performed by Donna Berlin [2020, 9 minutes] 

Out of the TunnelBaina draws on her personal experiences of the impact of falling foul of the visa system. Performed by Suzette Llewellyn [2020, 7 minutes] 

Lucky • Based on Leila Alkunshalie’s observations of working with young women in Haringey. Performed by Karta Kaur. [2020, 6 minutes] 

Revival • A walk in the life of Adaeh, a story drawn from her personal experiences. Directed by Dawn Walton OBE. [2020, 3 minutes] 

Corona busting choonsRosanna Machado goes on the record about music and the value of her long-time friends. Facilitated and directed by Martina Laird. [2020, 4 minutes] 

Injustice in justiceMartina Barnett recalls how she was shaken, not by her car crash, but, the behaviour of the police who came to the scene. Directed by Dawn Walton. [2020, 9 minutes] 

The ScreamLorna Farrant uses her regular lockdown walk as the starting point for her story… Facilitated and directed by Martina Laird. [2020, 4 minutes] 

Mavis • Drawing personal experiences, a writer who has chosen the pen name Champagne conjures two journeys. One on a London bus, the other as she achieves citizenship. Directed by Dawn Walton OBE. [2020, 8 minutes] 

+lockdown diary : podcast

The Blue Sky Makes Me Hopeful • written by Lola Clinton, narrated by Lati Saka [2020, 17 minutes]  Short extract [2020, 3.5 mins] 


We Matter: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Sandra Howell

 • Angry Black Woman • performed by Martina Laird, image by Damel Carayol,  [2020, 2 minutes] 

Angry Black Woman • performed by Martina Laird, animation by Creative Youth Zone [2020, 2 minutes] 

 • The Revolution is Being Televised • read by Sheila Atim, animation by Jack Medlin [2020, 1 minute] 

 • Will You Be There • read by Grace Akinbode [2020, 1.5 minutes] 

In Case of Fire • by Jill aged 9, performed by Hamish Somers, animation by Jack Medlin. Inspired by a poem by Roger McGough [2019, 1 minute]   

Doodling  • by Mia aged 10, performed by Hamish Somers [2019, 30 seconds]   


Drama from Collage Voices


Up in Your Head • by Jon Brittain, performed by St Thomas More Catholic School featuring Anna, Arserina, Cheryl, Devine, Jacob, Manasse, Tara and Tolani; directed by Steve Medlin. [2020, 7.5 minutes]  +script 

Trapped • featuring the work of Collage Voices creative writing group, ‘The Echo of why, the reckoning of why’, led by Paul Lyalls; directed by Steve Medlin. [2020, 4.5 minutes] 

Voices against hate

+young people from across London unite to confront hate speech 

Hello… it’s time • [2020, 1 minute]

Performing arts students for #HITproject • [2020, 10 seconds] 

Animation from Collage Works

The Mouse : The Truth Project Voicing Child Sex Abuse • Collage Works trainees produced the sound recording for this award-winning animation  that encourages people who experienced sex abuse as children to come forward and share their testimonials. [2015, 2 minutes] 


Can’t be what you can’t see • Women of colour in English history ebook funded by the Heritage Lottery Community Fund.   

The Lockdown Diaries • 12 pieces of writing that chronicled the lockdown from the perspective of Black women, many self-isolating at home.   

Crafted conversations audio-visual • 20 women of colour aged 20-30 gathered together virtually and discussed their experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. [2020, 10 minutes] e-book.


Creative Futures was made possible as a result of funding from Arts Council England. 


Collage Works presents a series of podcasts – industry talks aimed at emerging professionals:

Creative Callings with Niall Moroney discusses filmmaking in lockdown with the supervising art director for some of the most critically acclaimed films including Atonement, Mary Poppins Returns, Sherlock Holmes and multi-award-winning 1917. 

Creative Callings with Francisco DeLaTorre has been at Pixar Animation Studios for 11 years, he discusses his work as a shading and matte paint technical artist, on films including The Blue Umbrella and Cars 3, and as a sequence lead on Toy Story 4 

Creative Callings with James Dean the producer and director talks about his career at the time of his hit series Liar being broadcast on ITV. 

Creative Callings with Gianfranco Chicco the conference director, marketing strategist and writer analyses the latest trends in digital marketing. Answering the question how can we be relevant, useful and entertaining in this overcrowded digital world? 

N17 Creative Callings is a programme funded by The Mayor of London and the European Social Fund to support creative freelancers, creative businesses and their employees based in Tottenham.