Collage Arts

The Area 51 Paralympic Project

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Collage Arts, in collaboration with Area 51, a local organisation that provides education and training for young adults with learning difficulties, are undertaking an exciting new project to coincide with the upcoming Olympics. Yana Stajno, figurative painter and resident Chocolate Factory Artist, will be using her expertise to instruct a group of Area 51 students in the finer points of portraiture.
Focussed workshops will guide the students through making basic pictures with pastels, on to learning the techniques for using paints and capturing figures, and ultimately provide the opportunity to create an individual piece of art work of which they can really be proud. In keeping with the themes of independence, identity, and ability, the final studies for the project will be based on paralympic competitors, who will be posing live for portraits.
The athleticism of the subjects combined with the boundless excitement of the young people painting them is sure to create some truly dynamic pieces, and though the project has barely started, there’s already some great work being produced.
The buzz in the sessions themselves is palpable, and the student’s enthusiasm and readiness to take on the challenge shows no sign of drooping, so we’ve only just begun to see the wonderful effects of what this project will bring to everyone involved. For now, the students are enjoying the chance to get creative and are crafting some fantastic stuff, but in the weeks to come we may see people developing styles all of their own and even starting to think of themselves as artists.