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4 tiers of entertainment

4 tiers of entertainment

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Four tiers of entertainment from Collage Arts on-line. If you have exhausted Netflix with that binge watching that started in March and you are missing live entertainment, we have the next best thing.

A review, gigs, and original drama, all made in Haringey.  This isn’t the New Year we were promised, but let’s be kind to each other and share what we can. We have four tiers of entertainment to share: 

Tier 1: Want to feel a bit like Christmas again? 

Our Christmas Revolution: Our friends and supporters came together to produce an hour of Dickens, Jazz, folk songs and contemporary drama 

Tier 2:  Want to explore how diverse Jazz can be? 

We have 11 hours long of Jazz sessions recorded in November 2020 at Karamel for the EFG London Jazz Festival 

Tier 3: Want to know what happens when you ask 8 women to reflect on Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement?

We have 8 diverse, short monologues, written, directed and performed by Black women, mainly from North London

Tier 4:  Want to see what 8 students did (St Thomas More Catholic school) with a world premiere play, a professional director and a few hours rehearsal?  Up In Your Head by Jon Brittain

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Stay safe!